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Tulip Bulbs

Van Diemen Quality Bulbs grows approximately 15 ha of tulip bulbs per year for contract supply and, dominantly, sale. A wholesale price pocket option list is produced annually in late August for the following December/January harvest, and is available on request to Australian customers wishing to purchase over 1,000 bulbs.


Currently, we export up to 1 million bulbs per year to the Northern Hemisphere, mainly Holland.   Van Diemen Quality Bulbs is very interested in enquiries from other markets for supply of bulbs for flower production.  The best export months are February and March.

Cut Flower Growers

We grow a wide range of cut flower varieties for box pocket option download for windows 10 culture as well as some single late tulips for soil production.   Varieties grown include Ile de France, Ad Rem, Barcelona, Negrita, Golden Parade, Purple Flag, Strong Gold and  Snow Lady.

Single late varieties include Menton, Maureen, La Courtine, Burgundy Lace, Milano, Sauternes, Camargue, Batavia and Halcro.


Bulb Sales

A large range of tulip varieties for the dry bulb trade are grown and available from mid-January to April.  Bulbs are available in pocket option legit sizes 10-11, 11-12 & 12-14.



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